Firstly apologies to any readers I might have, which being honest is probably very few!  I haven’t had much chance to update this over the last few weeks as I’ve been moving both house and office down to London.  The new office is on Old Broad Street in the city and the new house… well don’t ask!  It was an absolute nightmare finding a place happy to let their pride and joy to someone with 2 rather large dogs.  Thankfully though it’s happened and I’m comfortably installed, well almost comfortably as I’m just getting over having a giant abscess below one of my teeth and having to have said tooth plus abscess extracted.  

So the new office is now up and running, Andrew Carrett and I are officially Londoners and our PA is here for some much needed administrative support also!  Here on out I’ll be concentrating more on the investments and pensions side of the industry as that seems to be where my work has taken me of late and Andrew will be doing a lot more work on the life/non-life area along with the marketing and distribution portfolio he’s built up.  

Any clients, candidates, or indeed people who are just in the area if you’d like a coffee or a beer sometime just drop me an email to 

Normal service of ranting, drivel and inane chatter will no doubt resume on here shortly!