Double breasted suits, a good or bad thing?  I’ve managed to have all my normal suits in for dry cleaning for various reasons at the same time which has left me with one suit ’til tomorrow.  Problem is, it’s double breasted and I’m not convinced by it.  I bought it about 6 years ago on a whim, I was having a suit made to measure and there was an offer on to get a second half price so I thought I’d get something a little different for the second one.  I liked the look of it but in 6 years I’ve worn it once, now it’s been resurrected I’m not sure whether to wear it more.  Is double breasted very old fashioned? Or is it more that it’s more expensive and therefore fewer people wear them?  I’m also told it’s slightly harder to make them for off the peg suits which makes them less common.  Thoughts welcome!

Linkedin groups – I’ve just started a new one for senior level investment professionals, as I’m doing so much in the sector it seemed a good idea to start a networking group.  Short to medium term I hope to set up lunches/breakfast/dinner meetings once a month or twice a quarter or so where people in the industry can network and enjoy a drink or two.  Hopefully if we can structure it properly it will give people from different areas chance to meet, CIO’s with partners from consulting firms or Pensions directors, chairmen of trustees etc.  Hopefully this will add value from all perspectives and of course I’d be lying if I didn’t say promote my own name in the industry.

Hurray for PA’s!  So many of the PA’s of my clients make my life so much better and easier because of their efficiency and helpfulness.  They’re a pleasure to speak to and are often far more switched on than other people I speak to.  Without them my life would probably be 100 times more difficult, in the unlikely event any of them read this you have my eternal gratitude! (Also I do include my own in that, she’s a total superstar)

The Threadneedles hotel, wonderful place, not incredibly busy constantly, excellent for meetings, a quick drink or even a Scone with Jam and cream.  A slightly hidden gem in the middle of the city, though I don’t want to promote it too heavily as it’s my home away from home and I want to continue to always be able to get a seat!