I watched I’m sure like many others the Donald Trump documentary ‘Trumped’ on BBC2 the night before last.  He comes across as a rather arrogant and overbearing chap, some of the tactics used were despicable especially cutting off the farmers water supply.  They clearly attempted to appropriate parts of land using old plans and anything they could do to make the lives of the objecting householders a misery.  The police were clearly heavy handed and complicit in removing protesters and journalists alike and the SNP government also have questions to answer about their relationship with Trump.  

Having said all that though I still found myself scratching my head over all this.  Scotland is a small country, I lived there for many years and I love the place but it needs inward investment.  Currently a huge proportion of people either work for the state or live on benefits with an overall minority of people contributing financially to the economy in a net positive way.  An investment of £1Bn is very hard to come by from private business but it’s something Scotland is crying out for.  Clearly there are some unique challenges for Scotland as part of the UK, with a large rural area and small population the highlands and islands rely on the public sector to be a large employer.  While this is fine (to an extent) as part of the UK if Scotland votes yes for independence this becomes altogether less fine.  Yes there’s some oil but clearly not anywhere near enough to pay for the type of public sector the SNP envisage.  Scotland as a whole has been left wing for an awful long time now and it’s easy to see why in terms of where they are nationally but once they go it alone they need to cut their cloth accordingly.  The only way I see them doing well is emulating Ireland, a low tax economy which invites inward investment, the problem is Scotland is not business friendly.  I’ve ran several businesses there, mostly in the highlands but some in Edinburgh and with rare exceptions it is not easy.  Until Scotland recognises how vital private enterprise is to its economy and makes move to encourage much more international investment, not less then it will never be financially viable alone.  Scotland has enough challenges, there’s the currency problem for a start, the last thing it needs is to make itself less competitive.  There is an increasing anti business and anti profit feeling in the UK which is starting to become a little concerning, nowhere is this more keenly felt than Scotland.  The problem is this is the exact opposite of what Scotland will need to thrive if they do take the giant leap that is independence.