So like all my blog posts to date this seems a little random but for some reason my twitter feed recently seems to be full of republicans talking about how badly Britain is in need of reform.  I have to admit I don’t really have many thoughts on this topic.  Yes I’m a democrat but equally I’m also quite fond of the Queen.  As Monarchs go she’s been excellent, done her duty and with massive amounts of decorum and dignity.  The Queen unlike a president seems beyond all the petty day to day politics and nonsense and for that I’m rather glad we have her.  If however at some point in the future we became a republic though, I suppose my life would go on as normal and I wouldn’t really notice too much, so a bit of a non-issue for me maybe?

Well yes, except I can’t help but feel that many the pro republicans out there are essentially hypocrites.  Perhaps not a new sensation for Polly Toynbee as she bathes in the usual righteous anger she always seems to have towards those who she perceives as oppressing the masses, besides herself of course.  Surely though the biggest argument for a republic is democracy?  The power to elect a person who the people want to be their head of state.  Isn’t there a rather glaringly obvious problem with this though?  The evidence points time and again toward the fact that people of this country want to retain the monarchy.  They like the queen as head of state and in an election tomorrow she would win a landslide victory over call me Dave or red Ed. 

Therefore surely if you are one of these republican campaigners protesting against the monarchy, you’re effectively advocating minority rule?  The majority clearly don’t want it so you’re imposing the will of the few on the many.  How very undemocratic…