I think I might moan about this a little too much on twitter and in general but since when has it become acceptable in our society to have such shockingly poor manners?  I’m not talking about a return to the regency period here but simple common decency, for instance you see a pregnant lady on the tube you automatically stand up.  Surely everyone does that?  Apparently not, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen this recently!  Or you see an elderly person struggling up stairs with luggage or shopping, you stop and help, it’s amazing how many fit young people I see speed by without even considering offering a helping hand.  It makes my blood boil sometimes, I actually saw some people pushing past an elderly gent on a stopped escalator the other day because he couldn’t walk quick enough and he was having to hang on to the sides for dear life!  When I’m in London I’m in constant back to back meetings and I’m generally dashing about for fear of being late but never once have I been so late as to push past someone clearly struggling so much. 

Maybe I have an antiquated view or maybe there were never better manners than there are today?  Maybe people didn’t doff their hats to ladies just a few decades ago as I imagine but surely it’s something that could be pursued.  I don’t want a return to misogyny and I’m all in favour of equality but holding a door for a person of any gender or giving up your seat is simply the right thing to do and we should all be doing it?