Does job title matter?  Something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, from my own perspective mostly I admit but it’s an interesting topic.  When I started my current job I was brought on board to do actuarial recruitment, hence the name ActuarialChris.  Since then I’ve recruited a grand total of 0 actuaries.  In terms of search work you tend to go where the markets dictate, so if a particular area is busy you work there.  I’ve ended up specialising in investments in one form or another but mainly around pensions, there are lots of actuaries in this space but it’s mostly not actuarial work really.  Mostly what I’ve done is very senior and of late it’s mainly board level execs, non-execs or chairman type roles.  With this in mind what should my job title be?  When I started I was given the title ‘Head of Actuarial’, sufficiently broad for its original purpose and worked reasonably well, since then though as I’ve moved away from that space it’s less relevant.  Indeed I’m now constantly asked when I headhunt a chairman, why would I be talking to an actuarial recruiter?  As far as I can tell it’s not hampered me at all thus far, if anything it’s been a talking point but it does need to change.  The question is though, what to?  Something generic like simply Associate Director?  True but maybe a bit vague?

So what are other peoples thoughts, does it make any difference ultimately?  It won’t change my level within the company as we’re all on an equal footiing below the owners but it might make a person decide whether or not to speak to me or to use me.