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So, Dave from down the pub told you that you could claim your Sunday family lunch as a ‘business expense’ and tells you everyone does it?!

Well, thanks Dave.

Sometimes people misunderstand what they can and can’t claim. Putting it simply if it doesn’t relate to the running of your business, then you can’t claim it – it must be ‘wholly and exclusively’ for business purposes.

HMRC can ask you to prove that an expense is wholly and exclusively for business purposes and you can’t say because Dave told you so. Alternatively, just because you discussed how business was going with your family for 5 minutes of your meal, HMRC aren’t likely to deem it a relevant business expense.

How’s that fair? Dave’s claiming it? Everyone’s claiming it!?

You’d be suprised how many people ‘say’ they are, when actually they aren’t. Dave could have been joking, or even overheard it…

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