I’ll apologise in advance for this but this post is a bit of a moan I’m afraid, the main thrust of my point is going to be why on earth does everything take so long in the UK?  

I could pick a million things to illustrate this but let’s pick one at random, HS2.  20 years.  Really?? 20 Years to build a high speed rail link, by the time it’s done we’ll be driving our flying cars or teleporting round the country, what on earth is the point of building something  that won’t be fully up and running ’til 2035-ish?  

In China they’ve built much much larger stretches of railway in a fraction of the time, granted they don’t have our levels of ‘elf and safety but still 20 years is just taking the mickey isn’t it?  

Let’s look at another, the Edinburgh tram.  What on earth is happening with that? I mean they must be having a laugh, it’s been years already, they’ve laid tracks, dug them up and laid them again and it’s not going to be anywhere near as useful as it was first planned to be.  Given that it’s been so badly planned, so dreadfully managed, why haven’t people been sacked? Why have the council just handed the contractors a blank cheque to sort it out?  

I would partially like to move onto a rant about why the public sector is so godawful at commissioning projects like this but I’ll refrain and instead move on to another example and the real reason behind this particular blog.  

So, the Scottish independence referendum.  Why on earth is it taking so long?  2014?  It feels like it’s been dragging on for years already!  Yes I’m sure Mr.Salmond wants this to run and run and he wants as much publicity as possible but unless the man is an idiot (which I’m sure he isn’t) he must know how much this is currently hurting Scotland.  I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of it here, personally I think they’d be crazy to vote for it but what’s concerning me more right now is the uncertainty.  

Scotland is a comparatively large country by area with a small population, as such outside of the Glasgow/Edinburgh central belt a lot of the country is employed by the public sector.  So when private enterprise comes knocking on the door looking to invest the SNP should be rolling out the red carpet and laying on the fizzy wine.  There are businesses in Scotland right now with great plans, who’d love to start acting on their ambitions but the problem is the uncertainty.  Private equity is simply frightened of it, businesses which should have had  funding in a matter of weeks have taken months or even years to raise capital because nobody knows what’s going to happen after the referendum.  Scotland is in the doldrums, it needs all the help it can get, allowing this to continue for the sake of political expediency is wrong.  Hold the referendum, get it out of the way and get the country moving again.  It can’t be all that hard to arrange for people to vote, we do it all the time, so please Mr.Salmond, get on with it…