So the other night I bought a wonderful piece of Ribeye… and then decided I didn’t want steak what I really wanted was a burger.  Not a ropey little mince burger though or some rubbish asda-made burger but a proper, spicy, rare, cheesy monstrosity.  My ribeye was slowly minced, well chopped, very finely with a sharp knife.  I then pounded 2 cloves of garlic in a pestle and mortar with some coarse rock salt before adding 2 bird eye chillis to it.  The garlic and chilli mush was added to the meat and left to stand for a couple of hours.  

Next I fried some lardons of pancetta in a frying pan ’til crispy before taking them out and frying the three burgers in the bacon grease.  Never said this was healthy!  90 seconds on each side then taken out while still quite rare.

Next up put the 3 burgers onto a baking tray and add a slice of cheese to each one, I used mozarella as it’s mild and I just needed a vehicle for the heat but emmental or cheddar or whatever would work.  Next up I topped the cheese with the pancetta, a whole chopped chilli each and some fried onions.  Then add another slice of cheese and put into a hot oven for 2-3 minutes ’til the cheese bubbles and goes gooey.

Spread bread roll with home made beetroot coleslaw and voila, heart attack on a plate!