Small post today but I feel maybe a useful one.  I’ve been mulling over trust and how it relates to business, as many of you know I’m a headhunter in the City (London) which effectively makes me a sales person.  Sure what I’m selling is people, or my own skills as a networker but whichever way you dress it up recruitment of any form is a sales job.  Now the thing with sales is you need a quality product, if you pick up the phone to someone senior in any organisation and try and sell them something, in my case a meeting with a candidate it had better be a damn good product.  The first time you’re caught out with something inferior or something everyone else has it’ll be the last time that client believes you and the last time you do business.  Which leads me to trust, you have to build up a level of trust with clients so when you pick up the phone to them and say ‘I just met this chap/chapess who is absolutely perfect for your company, she can do x/y/z which will bring you in a lot of new business’ they agree to meet because they trust your judgement.  It’s not something to be taken lightly, do it too often and it loses it’s power, do it with the wrong product and it ruins your reputation in an instant but get it right and your professional life suddenly becomes a much easier, happier place to be.