Great post re April Jones and totally agreed with every word. While media campaigns to raise awareness can be essential the circus that followed was distasteful to say the least.



I watched agog as a campaign to raise awareness turned into missing girl porn. It was plain when the public response which had been a help to the police, became a huge hindrance. I can identify the moment when the media’s mock concern for a little girl, turned into a morbid hunt for a corpse.

If all these things were entirely clear to me, a man on the Clapham omnibus, they cannot have been unknown to the television executives who made the decision to continue to feed the story.

What makes it particularly distasteful is that by no means could this be considered a “slow news week” – quite the opposite. And so, I posit, the tabloid-isation of the media industry is matter of choice; not necessity. Because it is easy.

In the climate of filling the 24 hour cycle with this sort of pornographic aesthetic of personal tragedy, Kay Burley…

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