Good interesting post re investment bonds that I thought was worth re-blogging here.

Steven Burley

When you buy an investment fund, you may choose to do so via a wrapper which helps convey certain tax benefits on the income and capital gains which you receive. An investment bond is one of the wrappers you choose.

Investment bonds are generally available for single premiums – that is a one-off, lump sum. You can choose how that money is invested from a range of options and, traditionally, the most popular have been with-profits, managed and distribution funds. These combine a variety of different asset classes within the one fund and therefore offer diversification all under one roof as it were. More recently, the range of options has become much greater, with both diverse and specialist funds now being offered alongside through fund management houses.

Funds within an investment bond pay tax equivalent to the basic rate and there is therefore no specific benefit to help such investors…

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