Ok so this is my first blog and indeed blog post and it’s already a moan, this could of course turn into a trend but I will if at all possible try to avoid that!  I was hoping my first post would be about something positive and uplifting and any unlikely soul who happened across it and read it would be rewarded with joyful prose about something wonderful.  Puppies maybe?

Unfortunately this turned out not to be the case, my day started in the usual way with a train journey, a simple 20 minute commute into Leeds.  Something pretty difficult to get wrong, no?  Well apparently not because as is all too often the case my train was delayed.  Ordinarily no problem but I had a meeting this morning that was quite important, no real problem as I’d left sufficiently early but it is something of a regular occurrence.  Anyone who is connected to me on LinkedIn will probably know I do a fair amount of travel around the UK for work, usually London/Birmingham/Edinburgh sometimes more exotic locations though, such as Basingstoke.  Most of this is done by train, it’s the easiest way and mostly I can get some work done as the train ‘takes the strain’.  However these journeys are tediously long and often delayed, cancelled or simply miserable due to overcrowding, lack of heating/air-con etc.  Which brings me on to HS2, in theory this will shave time off my commute, trains will be more modern, the grass will most certainly be greener and birds will sing loudly in the trees.  The only thing is, I’m not convinced as yet.  Saving time would be wonderful but to be honest I think I’d prefer they spent the exorbitant amount of money it will cost on actually making the national trains work better, on time, and with greater capacity.  Some trains that don’t look like they were around during the time of Dr.Beeching would be nice also!   I realise this is meant to be a grand infrastructure plan that will grab headlines and make the government look amazing but these things always go over budget, run late and inevitably turn out to be a bit rubbish.  Why not save all the hassle and just make what we’ve got workable, modern and stress free? 

On a pertinent side note, could anyone explain to me why trains from London to Leeds seem to have an equal number of first class carriages to standard class when first class is more often than not deserted and the people in standard class is standing room only?  Surely losing a carriage or two from first class and substituting with a couple of standard class carriages makes more business sense, irritates fewer people and might actually make a bit more money?